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Pallet rack can be a daunting material handling topic. So we have designed this resource site to help you better understand what pallet rack is, how it is installed, the various types and components, as well as accessories and related products.  On this site you can ask a question and get answers from our pallet jack guru. You can get a free consult from our amazing pallet rack experts. We can even help you procure pallet rack and related material handling equipment using our online store. Need installation help? We can do that too.

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standard adjustable pallet rack definitons

Standard adjustable pallet rack: Definitions

Definitions for standard adjustable pallet rack Terminology as it pertains to standard adjustable pallet rack. See the definitions of key components below as illustrated in this exploded view of standard adjustable pallet rack. Chipboard cladding – Chipboard sheets that act as a horizontal floor on a pallet rack bay. Chipboard support beams – These appliances […]

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pallet racking types in a warehouse

Pallet Racking Types: A Guide for Warehouse Managers

Expert warehouse managers know there are myriad different kinds of pallet racking types. And they integrate into a variety of systems, profiles, setups, and designs. Knowing which form is the best for your function is critical to operational success. Here is a breaking down the main pallet racking types. Take a look at these different […]

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Forklift aisle widths

Forklift aisle widths: Dimensions for various forklifts

Different Forklifts Need Different Sized Aisles Every forklift needs room to maneuver.  Depending on the type of forklift, the aisle will be wider or narrower.  In this guide, we will walk you through the various forklift aisle widths required for each forklift type. 3 Types of Forklifts Forklifts are divided into 3 different aisle requirement […]

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