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Pallet rack can be a daunting material handling topic. So we have designed this resource site to help you better understand what pallet rack is, how it is installed, the various types and components, as well as accessories and related products.  On this site you can ask a question and get answers from our pallet jack guru. You can get a free consult from our amazing pallet rack experts. We can even help you procure pallet rack and related material handling equipment using our online store. Need installation help? We can do that too.

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rack sacks

10 Ways to Use Rack Sacks in Your Warehouse

Rack sacks are industrial strength polyester bags that can be deployed to your warehouse and hung on the end units of your pallet racks to collect garbage. Essentially rack sacks are reusable industrial-strength garbage bags. Need to order rack sacks? Click here. Here are 10 ways to use rack sacks in your warehouse: Here are […]

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stacked pallets

How what are pallet dimensions and weight?

This article provides the most common pallet dimensions as well as materials from which they are made. Want to know how wide and long a pallet is? Here is your answer: 48 inches X 40 inches. Each wooden deck board on a pallet is 3 ½ inches wide and 5/16 inches thick. That’s 8.89 cm […]

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space between racking

How much space do I need between pallets?

There are three considerations for side-spacing on a pallet rack beam: fire suppression (flue), aisle dimension, and material handling equipment straddling requirements. Fire suppression – flue spacing Pallet rack is usually designed around the width of grocery pallets.  A pallet rack beam is designed for each pallet width x (times) 2 or 3 pallets wide […]

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tear drop rack

Pallet rack types for the warehouse

The importance of good pallet rack design While some will tell you that pallet rack is pallet rack, expert warehouse managers would disagree. In fact, professionals in distribution management insist that quality pallet rack, designed properly, will increase productivity and add significantly to your bottom line. Increase storage and available warehouse space with pallet rack […]

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fogger used in a warehouse

What is an ULV fogging machine

ULV is short for ultra-low volume. A fogging machine uses air to transform large volumes of liquid into fine droplets that can be sprayed into the air. ULV fog machines are used by businesses and home users to apply payloads like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, sterilizers, and disinfectants among other liquids and chemicals. Here is an […]

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storage rack systsms

Avoiding Warehouse Catastrophe: A Guide to Secure Storage Rack Systems

With warehouse and shipping logistics becoming a billion-dollar industry, there’s more of a need than ever to have warehouse space that’s properly designed. A warehouse and its storage rack systems ensure that products are safe and secure and ready when you need them. If warehouse rack systems are poorly installed, it could lead to major issues […]

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Guide to a Selective Pallet Racking System

Guide to a Selective Pallet Racking System

Are you preparing to build a new warehouse racking system, or upgrade an existing one? Either way, you’ll have plenty of solutions to choose from.  If you want to keep things simple, start with the most popular option. The most common pallet storage racking type in the world is a selective pallet racking system. This is an affordable […]

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pallet rack installtion tools

What tools do I need to install pallet rack?

There are some standard tools you’ll need to install a basic pallet rack setup. They include the following: Basic Pallet Rack Installation Tools Tape Measure: Most businesses or households have one these. Most people have used one. This affordable measuring tool is a long tape made of fabric or metal that has incremental measurements marked […]

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